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GreenomicsWorld Training sessions are designed to provide experiential knowledge & technical know-how on Green Business & sustainability.

Renewable industry as a whole is in transformation phase. And the world is willing to be part of this transition. More than the money, the gap is Knowledge and expertise. We wouldn’t want this to hamper the growth of clean energy

Research, analysis and expertise is our thing. But knowledge is good when its shared. Thus GreenomicsWorld conducts training programs across all the stakeholders. We conduct online and offline training On request, we provide high profile training to both corporate and non-corporate.

We have conducted training both online and offline.

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Skill and Entrepreneurship Programs
International Trainings

Some of Our Clientele

Training for Corporates and Professionals

GreenomicsWorld Corporate training program is targeted to impart the right knowledge to techno-management professionals towards the complete solar spectrum.The program will help the professionals to understand the necessary engineering , management and regulatory aspects of the solar sector.

The program is designed to understand the deep issues in the project management side with respect to design, engineering ,management, contracts and regulatory issues. The program also helps the professionals to understand the process from the concept to the commissioning stage of the project including pre-feasibility study, DPR preparation, Design and Engineering and Project execution and management ,commissioning , Operation and Maintenance. Whether you’re an individual who is looking for a career shift , small business or belonging to large corporates, this is an exciting business & career opportunity to expand your knowledge. The training program will be conducted in an interactive workshop mode.

  • Introduction to  Renewable Energy & Solar Photo-voltaic Energy.
  • Solar Business Type, Govt Policies, Bidding Process, Incentives & Subsidies, Tax benefits.
  • Business Model –  CAPEX, RESCO, B.O.O.T, Local Micro Utility Model, Third Party Business Model.
  • Solar PPA, Project feasibility report & DPR, Financing.
  • Project Management Knowledge.
  • Develop Project Charter.
  • Develop Project Management Plan, Cost management plan, Quality management plan, Procurement management plan.
  • Project selection methods.
  • Project Risk Management.
  • Due Diligence.

Institutions We have conducted
Training Programs

  • Designing and Performance Evaluation of Solar Thermal Systems”
  • Solar PV System Design using “PVSYST & PVSOL” Software with cost Economic and Policies
  • Workshop on Prospects for Start-ups in Solar Energy Technologies
  • Power Converters in Solar photovoltaic
  • Rooftop Solar Grid Engineers
  • Design , Installation & Commissioning of Solar Water Pumping System Training Program
  • “O & M and Performance Evaluation of CST Systems”
  • Solar Resource, Measurement, Assessment, and Calibration
  • Advanced Solar Professionals Course
  • “O&M and Performance Evaluation of Solar Thermal Power Plant
  • Issues and Its Possible Mitigation in Photovoltaic Power Plants

Solar Training For Educational Institutions

GreenomicsWorld also provide solar training programs for students/youths to upgrade their skills in the solar PV Design and Engineering.

The training program is focused on imparting the right knowledge in line with the industrial methodology .Students will be able to  practically understand the concepts of solar and they get to know the design and engineering aspects of the solar project execution through the software and hardware tools .Our solar training program enable the students to acquire the practical knowledge relevant to the industry requirements and we make them prepared for solar jobs. The training program will be conducted in a classroom with proper software and hardware training.

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Entrepreneurship & Skill Development

 Learn with highly qualified and experienced faculties

 Learn working principle, components, and design of solar power plants

 Build skill set for green jobs

Develop technology & entrepreneurial skills

 Nurture creativity & innovation

 Develop skill set s as per industry requirements

 Provide an insight into emerging sectors.

 Working of industry designed projects(IDPs).

 Printed Study Materials