SonnenGlas – Sunlight in a jar

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Sonnenglas, a product from South Africa that looks like a lamp straight out of a fairy tale, is a full-fledged source of light for people living in places without adequate power supply.

Features of Sonnenglas:


1. Handmade to a high standard

sonnenglas hand madeSonnenglas is handmade. This ensures the highest quality as well as durability.

2. Preserve jar 100% recyclable

sonnenglas recycle
The jar that Sonnenglas is based on, is a preserve jar made out of 100% recyclable glass. So, usage or discardation of Sonnenglas won’t lead to environmental hazards.

3. Made with 70% local materials

sonnenglas local materials
Since the materials used to build it can be procured from local markets, the cost of production is significantly lower than other solar lamps.

4. Creates steady jobs

sonnenglas jobs
The production of Sonnenglas has created jobs for over 50 previously unemployed men and women from the townships Alexandra and Soweto in Johannesburg.

5. MicroUSB-Charging

sonnenglas usb
Sonnenglas is equipped with a USB port. In case of no sunshine, you can charge it with any micro-USB mobile phone charger.

6. High Shelf-life

sonnenglas shelf life
The battery of Sonnenglas can hold its charge over months. After one month of shelf life, the battery suffers a loss of only 30% of its charge.

7. Long Lasting Battery

sonnenglas battery
The battery within the jar is designed to last for at least 800 load cycles. Under normal usage conditions, its life expectancy is around 5 years.

8. Brightness

sonnenglas brightness
A Sonnenglas jar has 19 lumens, which is equivalent to the brightness of 4 candles. It may be visibly brighter since the light shines onto the bottom made of glass and is reflected outward.

9. Color Temperature

sonnenglas temperature icon
The LEDs in Sonnenglas have a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin. This is between the light of a bulb (3000 K) and sun light (5600 K). It has a higher color temperature than an electric bulb (3000 K) but less than sun light (5600 K). It can be altered by filling the jar with desired decoration.

10. Waterproof

sonnenglas waterproofSonnenglas is waterproof. You can conveniently leave it outside as long as the lid is firmly shut to prevent humidity from entering the jar.

11. Fast-Charging

sonnenglas charge
Under direct sunlight during summer, 6-9 hours of charging time is enough to get it fully charged. During spring and fall, it may take around 10-12 hours to charge. In winter it can take several days. It varies greatly as per your geographical location and climatic conditions. On an average, 1 hour of charge will give you 1 hour of light.

How does Sonnenglas function?

  • The principle of this solar lamp is simple and ingenious. It stores energy during daytime and glows at night.
  • It is equipped with four LEDs that are charged via the solar module in the lid of the jar. As you expose it to the sun, it charges itself with solar energy.
  • This energy will be stored and used later to give you up to 12 hours of soft but bright light.
  • In order to light it up, all you need to do is flip the magnetic handle.

Other Uses of Sonnenglas

Though Sonnenglas was built with the intention of being used in power-scarce areas, it can be used in various other ways. Some of them are:

1. Solar Lantern:

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2. Garden Lamp:

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3. Romantically set Dinner Table:

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4. Barbecue:

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5. Camping:

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6. Decoration:

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7. Outdoor Activities at Night:

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8. Wherever you wish to create an idyllic evening mood:

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Besides that, it comes with a special feature! Sonnenglas can be customized as per your taste with sand, pebbles, fried flowers and fruits.

Go ahead and use your imagination on this one.

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