New solar panels with built-in batteries make off-grid living easy

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Solar power has achieved an annual growth rate of 68%. However, it has failed to be adopted by the mass due to financial challenges. A fully integrated scalable system was the need of the time and SolPad has been developed to address it.

“The reality is that SolPad completely shifts the energy paradigm, delivering comprehensive management and control for daily power usage,” said Christopher Estes, CEO of SolPad. Though the units cost $1,795 (monthly payment options are available for $150), the investment is well worth it. This is because the SolPad Prox X is a permanent solution to obtaining solar energy, and the purchase and installation costs are as least half of other market alternatives.

Additionally, the power system generates as much power as one needs and ensures minimal energy is wasted while increasing the available AC power. Because the software integrates solar generation and energy storage, energy management becomes an automated process. From a phone app, you can track, manage and automate your energy usage. SolControl also prioritizes which appliances and items should receive personal solar power based on one’s habit of turning them on and off.

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