March 28, 2018
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Webinar: Business Model for Micro & Mini Grid in Rural Markets

5th APRIL 2018, 03:00 PM IST (Check your local time) Registrations Open | Only for Solar Professionals. Limited Seats (Registrations Close on 4th April 00:00 IST). […]
March 23, 2018

Graphene – The Wonder Material!

Relevance of Graphene: Every 40 minutes, the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth is enough to light up the planet for one whole year, provided […]
March 16, 2018

SolarCoin: Understanding the Incentive Model

SolarCoin is at the basis of a virtuous circle in creating value into the Solar Energy industry and economy. This webinar will present the opportunities that SolarCoin […]
February 28, 2018
Damaged solar panels

Solar Panel Recycling – A New Business Opportunity

The global shift to renewable energy has given rise to the issue of growing waste that may or may not be recyclable. As the efficiency of […]
February 24, 2018
blockchain webinar

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

Blockchain is a distributed, digital ledger used to record and track information. Most people know it as the technology hinging on Bitcoin, but blockchain has humongous […]
February 16, 2018
cyber threat

Cyber Threat: A New Concern for Renewable Energy

We have associated cyber threat so far with the IT and finance industries only. However, due to the recent advancement in technologies connected to an electrical […]
February 13, 2018
Off the grid Australia

This is How Australia is Moving Off the Grid

Energy crises are not unusual for developing countries. But when a developed country faces power outages due to a crisis leading them to look for alternatives […]
February 10, 2018
Perovskite solar cell

Perovskite – A Better Alternative

Perovskite – A Better Alternative What makes a solar cell absorb energy? What is the primary element it isn’t possible without? Most of you would agree […]
February 9, 2018

Blockchain in Renewable Energy

Ever since the introduction of blockchain technology, it has spread like wildfire among tech enthusiasts and finance experts alike. The noteworthy use of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in […]